Monday, March 21, 2011

Harvest Monday 03-21-11

The weather has been beautiful here!! The temps most days are reaching into the 80s and I think we are now to the point where the temperature will stay above 50 at night. We are adding 7 4x4 beds to our garden. I am so excited!!!

The mustard greens have sprouted...

And the garlic (I was very late getting these into the ground!)...

The strawberries are blooming and I even have a few strawberries. This plant sprouted outside the box!

I transplanted a fig tree that my mother-in-love rooted for me...

I love spending time in my garden. I am eagerly looking forward to spending time preparing the new beds and planting seeds this week.

Be sure to hop over to Daphne's site and see how other gardeners are celebrating the coming of spring and anticipating Monday Harvest!!




  1. Look at those strawberries. I can't wait for mine. But since none were planted last year, I'll have to wait until summer.

  2. Talk about late. My garlic is in my cupboard. I gave up. My second bed never showed up so now it will be food instead. Try again next year. *sigh*. Looks like a good start Deb!

  3. How come I never knew you had this "gardening" site? I love it! I'll probably be on here the rest of the night!

    I'm such a newbie at this...what resources would you absolutely suggest for a square foot gardener?

    Lana @ ilovemy5kids

  4. Daphne, all eyes at my house are eagerly watching the strawberries!

    Barbie, thanks for stopping by the blog. Maybe you will have the second bed by fall and can plant garlic then.

    EG, I am excited by the new beds in my garden. Looking forward to trying new things this year!

    Lana, Not sure how you missed the garden blog. I hope you enjoy. I think the most important resource for your garden is GOOD SOIL!! I am still learning. I will send you an email with some of my favorite bloggers that have taught me much!! And I will be happy to try and answer your questions.