Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Batting 1000 and Still Going Strong

I am late for Monday Harvest (It is Wednesday!) but since I had surgery on Friday, I hope I will be given some grace. BTW thanks for all the prayers for my surgery. Surgery was successful... now on the road to recovery!! YEAH!!

Many of you have followed my delight of the ENERGIZE BUNNY tomato cherry plant. (For more info look for posts that have the Energizer Bunny label in the right column of my blog.) The plant earned its name not only because it keeps going and going but because it was mislabeled when I bought it and I don't know what it is!! It was supposed to be a determinate patio variety reaching a height of 4 feet. However, this plant has grown out of control!!! If I could stretch it out, it would be at least 12 feet high. As of today, we have picked 1009 tomatoes from this one plant. And to think I was so excited when we reached 100. I am glad I decided to count the tomatoes this year.  I apologize for the picture but I just had my daughter grab a quick picture with my phone.

I believe my sweet husband has enjoyed bringing in the harvest for me. Of course, his delight may be in watching my joy at the harvest. I love this man!! And I am so blessed!!!



Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MaMa's Cornbread

This isn't a garden post but I wanted to share something exciting. Well... exciting for me! My mother's cornbread recipe was featured on the Southern Bite blog. My mom loved to cook for others and there was always room for one more at her table. I miss her!!



Monday, October 18, 2010

Harvest Monday 10/18/10 Not Much Happening

There is not much happening in my garden. I still have tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers growing. My youngest son did harvest another 49 cherry tomatoes and my sweet husband harvested a couple of peppers. He said that I have lots of tomatoes starting to turn colors so I am hoping to have more tomatoes this week. The weather has been so nice. Highs in the low to mid 80s and lows around 50. I wish that I could get out to enjoy it more but I did make it to the deck a couple of times to sit on the swing. I couldn't stay long but it was nice.

I will have my surgery this Friday. I am ready to get it done and start the road to recovery. My family has been wonderful. Tonight they cooked a new recipe that I found on a wonderful blog called Southern Plate. Check out this recipe:

Slow Cooker Chicken and Wild Rice – and YOUR Cheering Section!

My kids gave it the special label of KEEPER. They were excited about how great it tasted and how EASY it was to make.

My harvest totals this week:

Peppers 3.6 oz
Tomates 6.1 oz.

Sorry no pictures this week. 

Be sure to check out the other posts for HARVEST MONDAY!



Monday, October 11, 2010

Harvest Monday 10/11/10 Stepping Up to the Plate

It's MONDAY and that means it is time to join Daphne and the other gardeners for Monday Harvest. Take some time to see what others are growing, planning, or creating in their gardens.

My guys are stepping up to the plate and taking care of things in my garden since I can't do it right now. Larry did a super job of harvesting the last of the okra. It was so tall that no one else could reach it!

Joshua tackled the job of clearing the okra plants (or should I say trees) from the garden. I think he enjoyed using the clippers...

and pulling the okra stalks.

He was amazed at the roots on this okra plant. I guess when it hit the harder ground at the bottom of the raised bed that it took a turn to easier territory. (Ummmm... He needs a haircut!)

Caleb continues to take care of the tomatoes. This day he picked 128 cherry tomatoes from the mystery Energizer Bunny Plant. He was eager for step 2 of harvest - EATING! (Side note: We have harvested 815 cherry tomatoes to date from this plant and it is still going strong! I think we may hit 1000!!!)

I so appreciate MY GUYS for stepping up to the plate!! They are awesome!!

We still have cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell peppers growing in the garden. We had about a week where the thermometer did not creep into the 90s but the mercury pushed back to the 90s on Thursday and has remained there. My tomatoes and peppers bounced back with the cooler temps and are still going strong. Still no rain and no rain in the forecast. Everything is so dry and there is great concern for fires across the state.

Year to date Harvest
Okra               31.9 lbs
Bell Peppers     6.27 lbs
Garlic               2.14 lbs
Onions             0.25 lbs
Cantaloupe     12.5 lbs
Squash             0.19 lbs
Cucumbers       3.25 lbs
Green Beans     0.48 lbs
Tomatoes       18.69 lbs
TOTAL          75.67 lbs