Monday, July 22, 2013

24 Hours and a T-Shirt Memory Quilt was Made!

Much can be accomplished in a 24 hour period. Around sunset on Friday I began the task of helping my daughter #2  make a T-Shirt Memory Quilt to celebrate 2 YEARS ALIVE for her boyfriend who had an accident that left him a paraplegic. We started with a stack of t-shirts from places they have visited over the last 2 years and ended with this beautiful quilt by sunset on Saturday.

From Heather's blog...

 I wanted to do something special to honor Colin's 2 Years Alive. Many don't know, but it is said that the first two years are the hardest. And while yes they have been hard, and we have decided to keep most of the hard times to ourselves because... Well they are hard and no fun! We try our best to remain on the positive side. So to celebrate the milestone of the first two years we packed up for the weekend and headed to my parents house to make the quilt. 

You can read all the step by step details of our T-Shirt Memory Quilt Adventure at Heather's blog ADVENTURES OF COLIN AND HEATHER.



Monday, May 27, 2013

Harvest Monday 05-27-2013

I was greeted this morning by this beautiful gladiola. I just love the coloring in this one.

There is still not much to harvest in my garden but I did pick these very sweet Sugar Daddy Peas that I shared with friends. (I enjoy sharing the blessings from my garden with others.)

Sugar Daddy Peas weight 24.1 ounces

If you love to see what others are growing in their gardens and love to get tips to help you in your garden, check out Harvest Mondays at Daphne's Dandelions.



Saturday, May 25, 2013


I love flowers and plants! And I eagerly await each year to enjoy them in bloom.

Last year the day after Easter, Larry found a great deal on Easter Lilies. 50 cents each! He brought 8 lilies home to me and I planted them in the yard hoping to enjoy them this year. Our weather has been on a roller coaster this year but my lilies are finally blooming.

I took an old smoker and used red spray paint on the top. 
Then I inverted the top to use as a container for these flowers.

This is the first gladiola to show color this year.
I can't wait to enjoy it in full bloom.

These dark purple petunias reseeded from last year.

My Johnny Jump-Ups also reseeded from last year.




Friday, May 24, 2013

Eagle Project Completed

Joshua finished and delivered his Eagle Project this week to Hope Hollow. Hope Hollow Ministries is a year-round, Christian camp located in Canton, MS for children & adults with disabilities.

For his Eagle project, Joshua built two 8-foot long, wheelchair accessible picnic tables. 

Working on the project.

Completed project
Joshua's tables are higher than regular tables to allow extra height for wheelchairs and on one end on each side the bench is shorter to allow room for wheelchairs.

Delivering the benches under eager, watchful eyes.

The benches in their new home. 

Praying they will be a blessing to Hope Hollow for many years.

One proud Momma am I.



Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Favorite Garden Tools for Planting

I have a couple of GARDEN tools that are my favorites when it is time to plant. They are VERY HI TECH!

First... my pencil marked in increments of 1/2 inch. I use this for poking holes at the right depth for planting seeds.

Next is my re-purposed pizza box with openings that allow me to plant four seeds per square foot.

Using my pizza grid, I get nicely spaced plants like this. (Minus the plants lost to the squirrels!)

What are some of your favorite garden tools?



Monday, May 13, 2013

Sugar Daddy Peas = Yummy Sweetness!

My sugar daddy peas usually don't make it inside to measure the harvest. To me they taste best straight from the vine to my mouth!! But today I had just finished lunch so these guys will wait and be enjoyed with my supper tonight.

Sugar Daddy Peas - 6 oz.

I also found this little guy enjoying the sun.


Hooray for Weed Eaters!

My garden has been much neglected this spring. I started a month ago working on the weeds between the beds with the weed eater but ran out of string. Then the weather has been crazy and so has our family schedule. Today I decided to conquer the weeds.

Here are the before pictures.

Here is the after picture.

I am also thankful that the weed eater found the snake 
before I saw it and the snake saw me. 
He was small only about 14 inches long but
enough to scare me and get my heart rate up 
especially since I had just reached down in that area
to move something.

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