Monday, February 21, 2011

Harvest Monday 02-21-2011

Hello everyone!!! I have missed all of you. I am still not completely recovered from my surgery. I have a few minor problems that are still lingering. My sweet husband had surgery for a cervical herniated disc in early January. Thankfully, he woke from the surgery PAIN FREE and only needed tylenol twice after surgery for a headache. He is doing great! I had an emergency room visit in mid-January for what we all thought was a stroke!! VERY SCARY!!! After many tests, I was diagnosed with a COMPLEX MIGRAINE that caused the stroke-like symptoms. They think it was triggered from the hormone medication that I was given after my surgery in October. Needless to say, I am off that medication and I think my body is getting back to normal.

For over a week the temp each day has been at least 70s and very sunny. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! I even saw my first daffodils on Friday!! It must be spring here in the south. The blue birds have even been spotted working on their nests. Saturday I spent time in my neglected garden. My youngest daughter told me that my garden looked sad. It has been so neglected since early September since I have been sick.With the help of my oldest son, we cleaned out old plants and I turned the soil in a couple of beds. I also planted some garlic and potato onions. I had hoped to get these in months ago but life did not allow that to happen. This week I hope to plant spinach, broccoli, and mustard greens. I also hope to start a few seeds inside. We always get a COLD SNAP but, hopefully, it won't be too bad.

Be sure to "hop" over to Daphne's site to check out all the other posts at Harvest Monday. I am so behind in reading everyone's posts for the last few months but I have been a little distracted. I am looking forward to Gardening in 2011.