Friday, May 20, 2011

In Case You Didn't Know...

If you forget to put this...

 into this...

you get this...

instead of this ...

and you also get some very disappointed kids who had to eat leftovers for lunch and had to wait to have pizza for an afternoon snack..


(Side note: I was able to empty everything into a bowl, add the paddle, put everything back into the bread machine and save the pizza dough!)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MIA - also called LIFE IS BUSY!

It is hard to believe that is has been a little over seven weeks since my last post. Life is so busy this time of year and it is hard to get everything accomplished. I have written several posts (in my head) while working in the garden but that doesn't help if I don't find time to type and post to my blog. Soon school will be finished for the year and, hopefully, I can post on a regular basis. Granny @ Annie's Kitchen Garden tells me that I need to MULTI MULTI MULTI task. I am trying but I think my "tasker" is overloaded and/or confused!

My daughter has described the weather here in Mississippi as bipolar. We have had periods of way above normal temperatures only to see it drop to setting record low HIGH temperatures a few days later. This extreme roller coaster of temperatures along with the excessive winds (with rounds of tornadoes) and rain has caused confusion and delays in my garden.I don't see a real harvest any time soon. Things are growing just not as fast as I would like. I do have blooms on some of my plants but I guess like all gardeners, I want HARVEST!

This year I have planted a variety of beans. I have planted Cherokee Trail of Tears, Christmas Beans, Soybeans, Scarlet Runner, Red Kidney Beans, and Blue Lake Snap Beans. I have Painted Lady beans that need to go in the ground soon... maybe this weekend or sooner. The bed is ready for them. It shouldn't take long to push a few beans in the ground.

Christmas Beans on trellis
(Peanuts in the front of the beans)

Red Kidney Beans on the left
Scarlet Runner Beans on right growing on trellis

Cherokee Trail of Tears on trellis
Soybeans (think edamame) in front of trellis