Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Excitement Followed By Disappointment

I was so excited today when my seed order from Urban Farmer arrived. I ordered Red Pontiac Potatoes, Butterfly Bush Mix Seeds, and Christmas Bean Seeds.

But when I opened the package for the Christmas beans, the disappointment came...

 Yep.. just 10 seeds. I went to the website and it very clearly says 10 seeds. My mistake!!! I didn't look closely at the description. I had been looking at other seed stores on the web and for the same price and item I would receive 25-30 seeds. In trying to finish my order quickly, I should have read better. I will know for next time. Live and learn. I had purchased Christmas beans back in January on a trip to visit my mother-in-love and promptly came home and misplaced the seeds. I think they are probably hiding with the seeds that EG sent me and I can't find. (sigh)

Now... how much yield do you think I will get from 10 seeds?



and, yes, for those of you who have been reading for a while and are wondering, my google ID has changed from debiclegg to Debbie in MS


  1. Well 10 seeds is enough to grow out for future years and to see if you like them. I'll probably be planting a lot of small lots this year as trials. Some only 5 seeds.

  2. Hopefully you'll find the seeds you mis-placed. I always seem to find things when I stop looking for them!

  3. I can feel your disappointment! We learn lessons by the mistakes we make or "Don't read the fine print" (same thing :o) but go ahead and plant them and if they are good to you , save a couple of the beans and have more than you need for next year :o)

  4. I agree with Daphne and Ginny. Grow what you have, and dry and save the seeds for next year. You'll have a real bumper crop in 2012! I did that with my Trail of Tears and Ottawa Cranberry beans, and now I have way more seeds than I can possibly use this year, as well as having shared a bunch with EG and Daphne (she was the origin of both varieties).

  5. Daphne, I put them in the ground this afternoon. I do look forward to tasting them.

    Robin, I had to laugh when I read you comment. IT IS SO ME!!!! In fact, I had been looking for something for 3 days in my room and this morning, I was putting on my shoes and it was right there in plain view!!!

    Gingerbreadshouse7, I will be sure to save seeds for next year. I am curious to see how much the 10 seeds will produce.

    Granny, I will look forward to the 2012 crop. I would be happy to take some of the Ottawa Cranberry beans off your hands if you still find you have extra. (smile) I forgot to put those on my list to order. Of course, I think most gardeners always have a WISH LIST going. BTW I used your pizza dough recipe in my bread machine allowing the water, yeast, and sugar to bubble up before adding the other ingredients. It was a MAJOR HIT and SO GOOD! I think I may blog about it in a few days.

  6. Debbie, email me your address and they're yours.