Monday, September 20, 2010

Long Time No Post

I can't believe it has been over a month since my last post. I am still busy with my garden but with the start of school my days are full to overflowing.

I continue to harvest okra, bell peppers, and tomatoes from my garden. I have also harvested my first cucumbers since my last post. It is a race with the pickle worms to see who gets them first! The "Energizer Bunny" cherry tomato plant has given me 540 tomatoes to date. I have no idea if this is a normal but I am delighted with the crop from this plant. It is still loaded with green tomatoes and I expect to get many more before the weather gets too cool for tomatoes here in the South. I hope to harvest my first GOLDEN bell peppers this week. It seems like it has taken FOREVER for these plants to turn yellow. I am also getting a few green beans from my 3rd planting.

My harvest to date:
Okra         24.22 lb.
Tomatoes   16.07 lb
Bell Peppers 5.67 lb
Garlic           2.14 lb
Onion           0.25 lb
Cantaloupe  11.4  lb
Squash          0.19 lb
Cucumbers    1.64 lb
Green Beans  2.2  lb
YTD Totals   63.78 lb.

I have missed visiting everyone at Daphne's Monday Harvest. Hopefully, I will not have to miss another week with the friends I have met through a shared loved of gardening.




  1. It's great to see you blogging again! I had wondered where you went to. Pickleworms are a real pain this time of year

  2. Your okra look great. Mine are almost done but I have made some great dishes including gumbo with them. Not bad for 9 plants. this time of year can get crazy.

  3. That okra looks so good. I enjoy okra cooked with tomatoes. It's one of my favorite treats.

  4. Okra sound great. Growing up in Maryland my only knowledge of them was pickled okra. Wish I could make my own but it is too cool here to bother trying to grow them in NH.

  5. It's about time you got back to posting! I was going through my blog roll last night, removing some who didn't seem to be posting any more....I left yours there, hoping you hadn't given up on us! Your ears must have been burning ;-)

  6. EG, It has been a big fight with the pickle worms. They were in the squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and pumpkins. (sigh)

    johanna, August thru October seems absolutely crazy for us!!

    tempusflits, My husband likes to cook the okra with tomatoes, onions, cumin, and a few other spices.

    Emily, I guess the reason so many people in the South love okra is because okra loves the hot weather here and it is easy to grow.

    Granny, And I thought my ears were burning because of the sinus drainage. I am glad you didn't wipe me off your list. That would have been a sad thing!! I have missed visiting with everyone in their gardens.

  7. Oh look at all the okra. We barely see it up here in the north. I do have a neighbor that has it in her garden though.

  8. Daphne, I am harvesting at least 2 pounds of okra every other day. Some of the plants are getting so tall that I am having a hard time reaching the okra to harvest. It would make an amusing video!

  9. Yum... okra! Not something we see in our pacific northwest gardens mcch but I must admit I do like okra when it's prepared by someone who knows what they are doing.

  10. kitsapFG, I think I need to box some up and send it to you and Daphne. 8D

  11. Yay, new post from you! I've been wondering what happened to you and the Energizer Bunny tomatoes. Thanks for the update, and what a nice late summer harvest you have here. I'm glad to hear that you're getting beans from your 3rd planting, because my 2nd and 3rd plantings of beans did not survive the never-ending attacks from cucumber beetles and bean beetles and whatever other evil pests that lurk in my garden.

  12. okra! I always forget about it even though I love it. Oh well, next year.

  13. I won't even try to grow okra here, it just isn't warm enough. I love one of the alternative names for okra, lady fingers, it's so descriptive. Very pretty photo with the green lady fingers and jewels of cherry tomatoes, not to mention the peppers and cucumber too!

  14. wow - i'll have to try that "Energizer Bunny"!

  15. did you actually count the tomatoes? Someone I know, actually counted his beans... Cherry tomatoes are fantastic little fruit pumping machines normally. Gotta appreciate them.

  16. Your harvest looks great. We are still getting okra too. It is not unusual for it to continue through September and October here. I need to get some in the freezer too. Enjoy!