Friday, March 25, 2011

What Shouts SPRING to You?

For me, Spring is all the beautiful colors. I anticipate each year spotting my first daffodil!!! I so enjoy all the beautiful flowers as well as watching everything come to life. I eagerly look forward to planting my garden and seeing the first signs of life.

My dianthus (I think I have the name right for these flowers) survived the winter and is thriving.

I am also enjoying the wisteria. This picture is from my front yard.

 Larry took this picture a short distance from our house. It is breathtaking to see an area covered with these beautiful lavender flowers and the aroma is heavenly.

And now for the beautiful color that I found in my garden this morning... My first strawberry is turning RED!!!

What shouts SPRING to you?




  1. I thought I was being blessed with all my greens, but I see you have color already!! Mother Nature is amazing.

  2. Oh, right now I'd just be happy for some sun. It's been wet, wet, wet all this month. I'm sick, tired, and trying to recover. Normally I love the rain, and a good fire in the wood stove, but I'm ready for the nice weather. You know, Spring!!
    ps. sorry to complain so much.

  3. Virginia, I am a little farther south than you. That berry is almost ready to pick! EXCITEMENT.

    Lori, it's OK. We all long for the refreshing time of spring after the darkness of winter. I hope that you will have warm weather and lots of sunshine soon.