Monday, August 2, 2010

Harvest Monday 8/2/2010 My First Cantaloupe

I missed Harvest Monday last week because we were out of town for our annual Vacation/Family Reunion. A week of celebrating family with lots of delicious food and laughter mixed with joy of life moving at a slower pace. This was our 24th year to spend time at Clarkco State Park in Quitman, MS. The Beckman family filled 6 of the cabins at this park.

The excitement for me this week was the harvest of my first cantaloupe ever! And it was grown on a trellis!!

You can see the cantaloupe growing in the top right corner of the picture below.

I also weighed my garlic and potato onions this week since they are dry.

My harvest total this week

Okra 7.5 oz
Tomatoes 11.5 oz
Bell Peppers 14 oz
Cantaloupe 36 oz
Garlic 34.25 oz
Onions 4 oz
Total this week 108.25 oz

While I was gone, my daughter ASHLEY was happy to pick these from my garden.

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P.S. Thanks, Erin, thanks for following my blog.


  1. Ok, I can't get past the Astroturf in the photo.... what a FANTASTIC idea! How do you like the canteloupe? I was so excited to grow it this year only to find out nobody in the house likes it, bummer! Oh well, more room to try something new here next year :)

  2. Erin, the Astroturf material was suggested by my husband's cousin. It is great for controlling the weeds and it also helps to keep the area from getting muddy during the rainy season. Also, I like how neat it makes my garden look!! (smile)

    P.S. I have enjoyed reading your blog!!

  3. That melon looks awesome! How did it taste? I have not grown any melons since I moved to the west side of the state (less sun and warmth than my prior homestead in central Washington state). I miss growing cantalope and watermelons but know it just is a fools errand where I live now.

  4. kitsapFG, I was pleased with the taste. VERY JUICY!! I was concerned since I had not grown cantaloupe before.

  5. Yum~~sweet juicy cantaloupe.
    I grew 2 different kinds of melons last year, an American variety Sierra Gold, and a French heirloom Charentais, they all tasted very good, much much better than the store-bought variety.

  6. What a great looking canteloupe! I have to try growing that next year.

  7. Yay! I hope the melon was a good one...Great idea on the turf...

  8. Hello debiclegg, I definitely missed seeing you last weekend. Glad to hear that you had a great week of quality family time, and more glad that you're back to provide us with more garden updates! :) Your cantaloupe looks super yummy. Was it a heirloom variety, and if so, are you saving seeds? I'm currently doing an experiment growing a supermarket cantaloupe from seed. The plant is growing beautifully with lots of flowers, but only male flowers so far and I don't know if it will ever bear any fruit, since it's probably a hybrid and possibly sterile.

    Speaking of hybrids, how are your Energizer Bunny tomatoes doing?

  9. Your harvest looks great, but I'm really impressed by your garden. It's beautiful!

  10. Oh homegrown cantaloupe. Yummy. I rarely put melons in my garden as they tend not to ripen in time, but I'm going to have to start if my weather doesn't change.

  11. Your cantaloupe looks lovely. I've been on a melon and prosciutto kick lately but I have to use store bought melons. I didn't even notice the faux turf until Erin pointed it out, what a great idea.

  12. Mac... I am not sure what variety of cantaloupes I have growing. I bought them at a nursery and they were only labeled "cantaloupes" (smile)

    meemsync... This is my first year with the cantaloupe and it has been fun. I was nervous about cutting it open.

    EG... The turf has really helped to keep my garden neat.

    thyme2garden... I haven't thought about saving seeds. It took a long time before I had the first female blossom. I have an update on the ENERGIZER BUNNY here:

    martha... Thanks! Working in my garden is more fun than the flower beds!!

    Daphne... I wonder if I could ship one of my small melons to share with you!

    Michelle... OK... I admit I had to Google "prosciutto".