Monday, July 16, 2012

Harvest Monday 07-16-12

The word for this week was R A I N ! ! ! !  I think we tried to make up for all the weeks without rain last week!!! My garden was happy for the first two days!!

I did make a wonderful BAKED ZUCCHINI AND TOMATO PIE using veggies from my garden. YUM!! Thanks, Kristen at We Are That Family!

We are enjoying all the tomatoes! Harvest was on the low side this week.

Okra 7.8 oz
Tomatoes 75.9 oz
Peppers 0.6
Total this week 84.3 oz

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Words with Family

For my birthday this year, Larry and Heather surprised me with this wonderful gift.

These are our blessings!!

This picture lets you see the size of names.

Larry cut out the blocks for the letters and used his router to give them a beveled edge, Heather then stenciled the letters on each block, and then Larry mounted the letters on a board for hanging. Caleb was a little upset that Joshua's name was worth more points than his!! Larry cooked Crawfish Etouffe and Fried Catfish for my birthday and we made Milky Way Ice Cream. I was able to share this with some special friends! It was a wonderful day.. so thankful for family and friends!!



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Harvest Monday 07-09-12

It was a great week in the garden. I think this has been my largest harvest ever! This with extremely dry conditions. Yesterday and today we have received a good rain and my garden looks so happy.

I didn't get pictures of everything but here are some...

The Juliet Tomatoes are happy even with the heat and dry conditions.

The Juliets above were harvested in one day.

Lots of tomatoes make my boys and their mom happy!

I was down one day and my sweet husband harvest this for me.

The heat is causing me problems with the peppers.

I can't figure out how to rotate this picture of my Louisiana Purple Beans (which I had to shell because they stayed too long on the vine) and my Florida Speckled Butter Beans.

This was my first year to grow yellow onions. I am pleased. 
They are drying in the garage and will be weighed later.

Harvest Week of 7-3-12 to 7-9-12

Okra 51.9 oz
Tomatoes 162.9 oz
Bell Peppers 17.8
Zucchini 16.2 oz
Beans 15 oz.
TOTAL 263.8 oz = 16.49 lbs
YTD Harvest 44.82 lbs

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