Monday, February 21, 2011

Harvest Monday 02-21-2011

Hello everyone!!! I have missed all of you. I am still not completely recovered from my surgery. I have a few minor problems that are still lingering. My sweet husband had surgery for a cervical herniated disc in early January. Thankfully, he woke from the surgery PAIN FREE and only needed tylenol twice after surgery for a headache. He is doing great! I had an emergency room visit in mid-January for what we all thought was a stroke!! VERY SCARY!!! After many tests, I was diagnosed with a COMPLEX MIGRAINE that caused the stroke-like symptoms. They think it was triggered from the hormone medication that I was given after my surgery in October. Needless to say, I am off that medication and I think my body is getting back to normal.

For over a week the temp each day has been at least 70s and very sunny. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! I even saw my first daffodils on Friday!! It must be spring here in the south. The blue birds have even been spotted working on their nests. Saturday I spent time in my neglected garden. My youngest daughter told me that my garden looked sad. It has been so neglected since early September since I have been sick.With the help of my oldest son, we cleaned out old plants and I turned the soil in a couple of beds. I also planted some garlic and potato onions. I had hoped to get these in months ago but life did not allow that to happen. This week I hope to plant spinach, broccoli, and mustard greens. I also hope to start a few seeds inside. We always get a COLD SNAP but, hopefully, it won't be too bad.

Be sure to "hop" over to Daphne's site to check out all the other posts at Harvest Monday. I am so behind in reading everyone's posts for the last few months but I have been a little distracted. I am looking forward to Gardening in 2011.




  1. Oh, it's nice to hear that you are starting to feel better. You have a good son to help you clean out the garden and get things started. The veggies you planted won't mind a cold snap. They will be happy to grow and put a grin on your gardens face!

  2. I'm so happy to see you back here! I do hope you'll be feeling 100% soon, we miss you when you're "down".

  3. I've suffered from severe migraines all of my adult life. I've researched and read a lot through the years and the best explanation/research I've found is

    I used their product for about a year but it didn't really help me that much. However, other people do get relief with it. I could go on and on but feel free to email me. I'm glad you're feeling well enough to garden again!

  4. I'm happy you are feeling better. Hopefully you and your husband will be all better soon. I just hate when I can't get out and do things. And health scares are no fun at all.

  5. TIA and spinal surgery 2 things I'm afraid I know all too much about. Can't wait to see you harvesting again.

  6. Praying that you will recover much better. I see you like okra very much. We are harvesting some at the moment.