Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Batting 1000 and Still Going Strong

I am late for Monday Harvest (It is Wednesday!) but since I had surgery on Friday, I hope I will be given some grace. BTW thanks for all the prayers for my surgery. Surgery was successful... now on the road to recovery!! YEAH!!

Many of you have followed my delight of the ENERGIZE BUNNY tomato cherry plant. (For more info look for posts that have the Energizer Bunny label in the right column of my blog.) The plant earned its name not only because it keeps going and going but because it was mislabeled when I bought it and I don't know what it is!! It was supposed to be a determinate patio variety reaching a height of 4 feet. However, this plant has grown out of control!!! If I could stretch it out, it would be at least 12 feet high. As of today, we have picked 1009 tomatoes from this one plant. And to think I was so excited when we reached 100. I am glad I decided to count the tomatoes this year.  I apologize for the picture but I just had my daughter grab a quick picture with my phone.

I believe my sweet husband has enjoyed bringing in the harvest for me. Of course, his delight may be in watching my joy at the harvest. I love this man!! And I am so blessed!!!




  1. Cherry tomatoes can really put out tomatoes. I haven't a clue as to how many I've gotten from my GabrielleAnn, but she did grow into the neighbors lilac bush. Sadly there I couldn't get to the tomatoes.

    I'm glad you are doing so well after your surgery. I hope you are back in your garden soon.

  2. Praise, your surgery went well. Hope you do have a speedy recovery.

    Your harvest looks fantastic. I have literally tons of grape tomatoes and no idea what to do with them all. Most are green, as we finally pulled the worn out plants putting them out of their misery, but they sure had a tons of maters on them.

    Feel better soon.

  3. Over 1,000 tomatoes from one plant? Wow....I'm glad your surgery was a success!