Monday, October 11, 2010

Harvest Monday 10/11/10 Stepping Up to the Plate

It's MONDAY and that means it is time to join Daphne and the other gardeners for Monday Harvest. Take some time to see what others are growing, planning, or creating in their gardens.

My guys are stepping up to the plate and taking care of things in my garden since I can't do it right now. Larry did a super job of harvesting the last of the okra. It was so tall that no one else could reach it!

Joshua tackled the job of clearing the okra plants (or should I say trees) from the garden. I think he enjoyed using the clippers...

and pulling the okra stalks.

He was amazed at the roots on this okra plant. I guess when it hit the harder ground at the bottom of the raised bed that it took a turn to easier territory. (Ummmm... He needs a haircut!)

Caleb continues to take care of the tomatoes. This day he picked 128 cherry tomatoes from the mystery Energizer Bunny Plant. He was eager for step 2 of harvest - EATING! (Side note: We have harvested 815 cherry tomatoes to date from this plant and it is still going strong! I think we may hit 1000!!!)

I so appreciate MY GUYS for stepping up to the plate!! They are awesome!!

We still have cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell peppers growing in the garden. We had about a week where the thermometer did not creep into the 90s but the mercury pushed back to the 90s on Thursday and has remained there. My tomatoes and peppers bounced back with the cooler temps and are still going strong. Still no rain and no rain in the forecast. Everything is so dry and there is great concern for fires across the state.

Year to date Harvest
Okra               31.9 lbs
Bell Peppers     6.27 lbs
Garlic               2.14 lbs
Onions             0.25 lbs
Cantaloupe     12.5 lbs
Squash             0.19 lbs
Cucumbers       3.25 lbs
Green Beans     0.48 lbs
Tomatoes       18.69 lbs
TOTAL          75.67 lbs




  1. How nice to have the boys help you out in the garden! Hope you're getting lots of rest and starting to feel better!

  2. That's an impressive number of tomatoes! Your total okra harvest is also amazing. You must have planted them earlier than we did ours. :)


  3. It's good that the boys got outside and done some chores in the garden. When you get through with them, send 'em my way. I'll teach them some stuff. Heh. Yep....he definitely needs a haircut.

  4. I've never counted cherry tomatoes before. 815 sounds like a lot! Looks like your okra was real productive too.

  5. That is an amazingly big root. I could imagine if I grew parsnips here they would look like that. They would turn at the bottom when they hit the subsoil which is hard as a rock.

  6. Awww, don't you just love boys??? Looks like they're taking care of you. Nice harvest! Pretty awesome okra plants, and okra roots! Are you going to be saving some Energizer Bunny seed?

  7. Those are some good fellows you have. Those tomatoes look temptingly good!

  8. Thyme2garden, I am so thankful for my sweet husband and boys for helping out in the garden. I am blessed.

    Mary, I think I planted my okra in mid-April. I was pleased with the okra and amazed by the cherry tomatoes.

    EG, I usually do most of the work myself because I enjoy it but I am thankful for their help right now.

    Villager, I decided to count because in my head I could visualize numbers better than ounces of tomatoes. I am so glad I decided to count because now we are cheering for the 1000 mark!

    Daphne, I always look forward to pulling the plants just to see what the root system looks like. I know that is probably weird.

  9. Dirt Lover, I love my boys! AND I love my girls!! They are all taking good care of me and getting a chance to fine tune their cooking skills as well. I have saved some seeds from the Energizer Bunny plant but since it is my first time to save seeds, I am not sure if I did it correctly. Also, since the plant was mislabeled when I bought it, it may be a hybrid. We will see. I plan to try and save another batch of seeds. Our winters are fairly short so I plan to root some of the suckers and see if I can keep them alive inside with a light. It will be a fun experiment. I will probably fail but you never know.

    kitsapFG, the tomatoes seem to taste better and better. My youngest has really enjoyed grabbing a handful for a snack every time he passes through the kitchen and that makes this momma happy!