Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I HAVE GRANDBABIES.... of the Garden Kind!

Well.... what do you call the fruit from the suckers rooted from your tomato plants?

The cherry tomato plant of unknown variety that I have dubbed "the Energizer Bunny" continues to produce. I have now harvested 201 tomatoes from this plant and it continues to go strong. I have had to be creative in staking it since it was NEVER supposed to get this big. I think it likes being planted next to my okra.

And now the suckers that I rooted earlier in the season have fruit and the first one is starting to ripen. YEAH!

I actually have 2 suckers that have fruit. In the picture below, the suckers are in the front and the original plant is in the back.

I hope the sucker plants produce like the original plant. AND... I hope that if I save seeds I will get more of this plant next year.

Enjoy more gardens at the Tuesday Garden Party and Oh, How My Garden Grows.





  1. I have read somewhere that you can root the original plant for next year instead of hoping the seeds will produce the same sort of plant. I have never tried it, but I might this year!

  2. Linda, I was just telling my husband that I think I will try to root one of the suckers later in the fall and see if I can keep it alive inside during the winter. You never know unless you try and part of the fun in gardening is the experiments.

  3. You can save the seed and get the same plant if the plant was not a hybrid. Seeds saved from hybrids will not produce the same plant. I only grow true heirloom varieties of vegetables here.

    Let us know how you make out with rooting a sucker for the winter.

    Your cantaloupe on Harvest Monday looked very very yummy!

  4. 201 tomatoes--that's a ton of tomatoes! I am so looking forward to our first red, ripe tomato here!

  5. Hey - nothing like some totally free tomatoes! :) I have some volunteer gourds growing in the garden now that are going gang busters. They are actually looking better than anything I planted from seeds!

  6. Just Trying To Save More... Thanks!

    Robin... I will let you know how it goes trying to root the tomato suckers over the winter. Can't hurt to try since our winters are shorter here in the South.

    Athena... I am so happy I decided to keep count of the tomatoes. These are cherry tomatoes and my youngest son can make a dozen or more disappear before I can blink my eyes.

    Melinda... I am noticed this morning that the suckers from my Roma tomatoes have started setting fruit!! YEAH!

  7. Congratulations on your tomato grand babies! That is so exciting that your replanted suckers are now producing fruit. I fully support your plans for garden experiments, I'm all about experimenting myself!

  8. Thyme... I will let you know how it goes. I am still hoping to save seeds to share even though the seeds will be an experiment, too, since I don't know if this is a hybrid.

  9. wow! That's a very productive plant. My cherry tomatoes are huge, but they haven't started to turn red yet:(

  10. I've never even thought of rooting suckers. Our season is so short here, though, that I doubt I'd ever have "grandbabies." :-)

    Thanks for sharing at the TGP.

  11. 201 tomatoes! Wow and wow! That is amazing.

  12. First I need to identify "suckers", then maybe it will be another gratifying experience to plant them :o).