Monday, August 16, 2010

Harvest Monday 08/16/10

With school starting for us next Monday, I realize that I still have many summer projects that need my attention. This week we painted our schoolroom. All the kids helped and we felt good about our job. Now we are busy organizing for the new year. As soon as we are done, I will post a picture but here are a few pictures of the work-in-progress.

Here are a few harvest pictures from the week.

My totals for the week: (in oz)
Okra            62 oz
Tomatoes    30.25 oz
Bell Peppers 1.75 oz
Cantaloupe   67.25 oz
Weekly Total 161.25 oz = 10.08 lbs

YTD Totals: (in lbs)
Okra 8.5 lbs
Tomatoes 8.7 lbs
Bell Peppers 2.8 lbs
Cantaloupes 8.2 lbs
Garlic 2.1 lbs
Onions 0.25 lbs
Squash 0.19 lbs
Total  30.74 lbs

As of today I have harvested 200 pods of okra this year and 328 cherry tomatoes. I am totally WOWed by this number. I am so glad I decided to keep an account of my harvest this year. It has been fun to watch the numbers grow.

Now if you want to see an amazing harvest of tomatoes. Check out Daphne's kitchen counter at her HARVEST MONDAY blog. While you're there, check out all the amazing harvests across the country.




  1. Oooh Okra and canteloupe! Nice! How do you cook your okra?

  2. Nice looking cantaloupe you have there...I hope you fried some of that okra up!

  3. Love your okras! How many plants do you have? I have about 15-20 and get only a handful each week! Not very productive.

  4. Love the color of the classroom, very energizing!

  5. Beautiful cantaloupe you grew! I have some in the garden, but they aren't ripe yet. I keep looking, and waiting, and watching.....

  6. Those okra looks good, got to try to grow some next year.

  7. Did you freeze that bag of okra for later use, maybe some more gumbo?

  8. kitsapFG... please forgive me. I accidentally deleted your comment. I was trying to publish it from my phone and my FAT FINGERS hit the delete button. AGHH!!! Those buttons are too close together. So here is your comment...kitsapFG has left a new comment on your post "Harvest Monday 08/16/10":

    Fun to see the kids helping with the painting project - it is turning out beautiful too. Enjoy seeing okra and melons - two things I am not likely to grow in my garden because our climate is really unsuited to successfully growing either item.

  9. I've just got to try growing melons again next year. I often try but the measly harvests I usually get make me decide not to for another five years. Who knows, maybe next year I'll have heat too.

  10. I wish it was warm enough here in New England to grow okra well. I'm sure it will be mighty good in the gumbo.

  11. That's a lot of okra. I really have to start watching all you garden/cook people use okra as I only know a couple recipes but I love the way it looks when its growing.