Monday, August 9, 2010

Harvest Monday 08-09-10 Okra and Tomatoes = GUMBO!

For a girl raised in Cajun country, okra and tomatoes in the garden means one thing . . . G U M B O !!!!! My kids have watched me save the okra harvested this year in anticipation of the BIG announcement - enough okra for gumbo!! You must realize we are a big family (7 kids) and even the adult children want to have gumbo made with mom's okra and tomatoes from the garden. (Don't worry Rachel I will send you some!) So as the okra trickles in at first, all the okra is cut and saved in the freezer. BUT today.... I cut 17 pods of okra!! We now have ENOUGH for a big pot of gumbo!

I don't have many pictures this week from my harvest. I have been busy completing this project. A friend asked me to make a t-shirt memory quilt as a graduation gift. The picture on Lauren's face makes my heart happy!

My harvest totals this week:

Okra 33.0 oz
Tomatoes 21.75 oz
Bell Peppers 9.25 oz
Squash 3.0 oz

Okra 74.5 oz
Tomatoes 108.5 oz
Bell Pepper 43.5 oz
Garlic 34.25 oz
Onions 4.0 oz
Cantaloupe 32 oz
Squash 3 oz
TOTAL YTD 299.75 oz (18.73 lbs)

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  1. Blech! I don't like gumbo at all....However, it's nice that you can use stuff from your garden to make some for your family!

  2. How bout you post that Gumbo recipe?? :)

  3. Debbie, as a northern MN girl, when I moved south okra and collards continue to mystify me LOL!!! I didn't know they went into gumbo, which I LOVE - sometimes ignorance is bliss LOL! That t-shirt quilt is amazing, I had to enlarge the pic, I love it!

  4. Aw...EG, you haven't had MY gumbo!!

    Paula... click on the word G U M B O in the first line of my blog for the recipe.

  5. Erin, not all gumbo is the same. With many Cajun foods, even I think ignorance is bliss! Thanks for the compliment on the quilt. It was fun and is a great memory keepsake.

  6. I have to say that okra is one vegetable that I've not acquired a taste for. But it sure is a pretty vegetable. Nice harvest and lovely quilt.

  7. Nice! Great harvest! I will need to post about my harvests too. That's an awesome quilt!

  8. Yum, we just love gumbo! That's one of the main reasons we go to New Orleans twice a year...the FOOD!!

  9. Michelle, okra can get slimy if it isn't cooked the right way!

    Olga, I look forward to reading about your harvest.

  10. Robin, the food is wonderful in New Orleans!! You need to wave at me when you go!! It would be fun to meet!!

  11. Mmmm, gumbo, especially good homemade gumbo! I worked in New Orleans for two years after Katrina, and I would definitely list food as one of the top highlights of the city. Your okra looks beautiful!

  12. Two years in a row I tried to plant okra but never remember to start the seeds, I think it's because I don't know what to do with it. How do you handle okra without getting it all slimy

  13. I love gumbo. Congrats on living where you can grow the okra for it!

  14. Great harvest of okra and the gumbo sounds like a treat!

  15. Love your quilt. Though I have to say I'm not a big okra fan, but I'll eat it in gumbo.