Friday, July 2, 2010

What's Going On?

I know I am overwhelming some of you. Three posts in one day!! But there seems to be so much going on in the garden. If you have been reading my blog, you know that we received lots of rain Tuesday and Wednesday. Well as I strolled through the garden this morning, I found some amusing as well as disturbing discoveries in my garden. I am hoping that someone can help me solve a mystery or two!!

First I know we have received lots of rain especially after a long dry spell but this little guy has confused my okra with a lilly pad. (smile) He's so cute!!

Next stop, these guys grew overnight under my cantaloupe.

Found another worm today. I was really bummed. Two more tomatoes are now gone...................... (big sigh!)

Now.... What is going on with my pepper plants and this tomato plants? Yesterday these plants looked great! Today the leaves are all droopy. I know it isn't the heat because right now it is very pleasant outside. Nothing like the upper 90s we had last week. Does anyone have wisdom for me? Words of encouragement? Trying not to panic.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Friday!




  1. Problem with the peppers? Too much water

    Tomato fruitworms are just terrible! I hate 'em!

  2. EG... I hope they will recover without any long term damage. I have seen so many worms in the garden since this rain!! Ugh!! BTW, I was so upset over the worms that the squash bug that I saw near my cantaloupe caught all my wrath this morning. I didn't think twice about squishing him completely! Amazing the change when you see your hard work being lost!! (smile) I knew you would be proud!!

  3. I think they'll recover just fine, as long as it doesn't rain for a while. Squashbugs stink pretty bad when you squish them - don't they?

  4. That frog is just great! He is the perfect shade of green to match your Okra leaves. He doesn't mind all of the rain that you have been having!

  5. Adorable frog!

    My hot peppers are suffering from too much rain. It rained yesterday, it rained today. I feel like I'm living on the west side of WA State!

  6. The little frog blended in the okra perfectly! That picture wins a prize. I don't know what is happening to the peppers...we get such little rain here. I hate the big tomato worms but we rarely get those here either. I think maybe because of the hot dry weather. It has been unusually cool though lately.Hope you get the upper hand on the garden!

  7. The picture of mushrooms under your cantaloupe, I thought it was a picture of something growing *on* your cantaloupe, something like melon cancer (okay, I just made that up). And that picture of a worm in your tomato is enough to give me garden nightmares at nights. I didn't realize they could burrow in your tomato like that. Oh boy, I guess I have a loooooong way to go before I learn about all the different kinds of damage I could see in a vegetable garden.

    Missed seeing you at Harvest Monday this week!

  8. thyme2garden, the strange thing about the worms and the tomatoes is that with the green tomatoes the worms burrowed into the tomatoes making a hole. With the red tomatoes, they only ate the outside layer. The red tomatoes looked like someone had peeled them. WEIRD!!