Monday, July 19, 2010

Harvest Monday 07/19/10 Ups and Downs

Each week I enjoy checking out the Monday Harvest on Daphne's blog. So hop on over and check out what others are harvesting in their garden.

This past week I drove many miles making two round trips to Nashville and one to Mobile. This week I hope to spend very little time in the car.

My harvest totals this week was 38 oz.

Okra                  7.5  oz        Count 11                    
Tomatoes       19.75 oz       Count 32 Cherry, 3 Early Girl, 5 Roma
Bell Peppers   10.75 oz       Count 3 Big Bertha, 1 Red

Blog will be short today. I need to take my new laptop to see the Geek Squad. Problems with blue screen of death and the video adapter. (sigh)

My UP... I have been watching this red pepper anticipating picking my first ever RED bell pepper.

My DOWN... when I picked it and turned it around to inspect it, I found this unpleasant surprise...

Such sadness... but I have others that are starting to turn red and, hopefully, they will be without blemish.




  1. I've had to pick about four of my red bell peppers in the green stage, because of sun scald. They have really good leaf cover, so I was hoping it wouldn't happen...alas, it did. I'm so wanting the red ones!

  2. That's such a downer...But, you can just cut the bad part out, and nobody will ever know the difference.

  3. Granny, I may have to pick more of mine early. I see another one that looks like the beginning of sun scald. This is my first time to grow red and yellow peppers. I am excited!!

    Shhhhhhhhhh...... EG! I did exactly that!! DOn't tell my family!! This heat is tough!!!

  4. That looks like a really sweet red ripe pepper! To heck with the blemish... cut it out and enjoy!

  5. I'll keep my fingers crossed for lots more blemish-free red peppers for your unsuspecting family.

  6. I have several more on the one bush I planted that are starting to turn RED. I am hoping the sun isn't too much for them. We are back in the upper 90s and 100+ heat index for the next 5 days! HOT!

  7. Once it's cut up and on the veggie tray, no one will be the wiser. I'm just guessing, because, it's not like I've ever done anything like that, you know, fool the family thing. Just sort of thinking out loud.....