Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We had a good rain late yesterday and woke to a soft rain this morning. My garden looks so happy and refreshed.

Below is one bed of okra. I noticed this morning that a few of the plants have flowers and one has a tiny okra growing.

This picture has plants on the left that were planted the same time as the picture above. On the right in the back of the bed is the first okra I planted. It has been producing for about a week and a half and the pace of harvest is picking up. Soon I will harvesting okra every day. In the front of the bed is the cherry tomato plant that is definately an over achiever for which we give thanks. It was labeled as a determinate patio bush plant. WRONG!! I so wish that I had several of these plants. They taste so good and it is producing lots of tomatoes.

More pictures of my favorite tomato plant. I had to improvise with the trellis. (ha!) It wasn't supposed to get this big. I have topped out several of the vines so that it doesn't get any taller. I have rooted about 6 of the suckers I have pruned from it. But it still keeps going and going and going. Since I don't know what variety it is, I have dubbed it the Energizer Bunny!!!

This bed has bell peppers, an eggplant, ornamental peppers, and a few tomato suckers that I rooted and then transplanted.

This bed has Early Girl and Roma tomatoes. Notice Adam the Owl keeping watch over the plants. He is doing a super job of keeping the birds away. I just move him around every time I go to the garden.

Thanks for stopping by to join me on my morning walk in my garden.




  1. Welcome Vanessa, Brianne, and Becca. Thanks for following my blog.

  2. Your garden looks fantastic!

    Wow... that Energizer Bunny tomato plant is taking over!

  3. Toni, thanks for stopping by. I wish I had more of the Energize Bunny tomato plant. I am going to try and save some seeds. Not sure if it is a Hybrid because it was labeled incorrectly. We shall see.

  4. What a beautiful (and neat) garden! It puts mine to shame. I'm heading into my overgrown "jungle" look now.

  5. Hi Debbie, your garden looks so neat and tidy. Everything's growing so well! I like your Energizer Bunny. I love cherry tomatoes, I'll have to try to grow some next year. If you successfully save some seeds from your Energizer Bunny, I would totally be interested in some sort of a seed exchange!

  6. Fantastic vegetable garden! These are wonderful pictures, and I like the one in your blog header, it's so pretty.

  7. Granny, thanks but I think this is so funny. As I have been catching up on the videos I missed from your blog while I was out of town, I was thinking, how can I make my garden look like Granny's? I guess the grass is always greener...

  8. thyme2garden, if I am successful, I will be sure to send you seeds but since I don't know if it is a hybrid, we may not get the same plant but it will be fun to see if we get the same thing. We can take the adventure together. (smile)

    Olga, thanks for following my blog. I love the picture on the blog header. I was fascinated every morning to see the droplets of dew in this perfect pattern on the cantaloupe leaves.

  9. The garden is looking great Debi. Isn't it amazing what a natural soaking rain can do for the garden. It somehow has a reviving power that the garden hose can not equal. I love Adam the Owl too! And your Okra is so cool! Soemthing that we only dream about in Oregon!

  10. Lexa, thanks. I agree. I can water and water with the hose but there is just something special about a good rain!

  11. Debbie, that sounds like a lot of fun. I'm loving the idea of having a gardener partner-in-crime for testing mystery maybe-hybrid tomato seeds together!