Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Harvest - 06-06-11

June has arrived and I am hoping to participate in one of my favorite events on a regular basis. Sharing with my other garden friends at Daphne's Harvest Monday. I so enjoy reading what is happening in other gardens and I gain so much in the knowledge they have to share.

I harvested my first okra (6.3 oz) this year! YIPPEE!! 20 days earlier than last year!!!

Oh.... Do you see what I see?

In other news, it is HOT!! We have had 4 days of 100+ temps. The okra loves it but my tomatoes and beans are not feeling the love.

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  1. Hot here too, though we've not hit 100F yet. We topped out at 98 on Saturday. I'm guessing our tomato blossoms won't be setting on with those kind of temps. Your okra looks great! Ours is not so far along yet.

  2. My maters are falling apart this week where last week they were champs. It doesn't take long at all. :-(

  3. I haven't grown okra yet, you'll have to tell me your secret so I can do it right. Love the tassles.

  4. Yum! Okra! Hope the hot weather abates soon.

  5. We had an awful hot spell here too. It was like August weather.

    Congrats on your okra harvest!

  6. I think that even here in New England we will be having some temps too high for the tomatoes and peppers to love. I'm really hoping we don't get a repeat of last year. I live in the north because I'm a heat wuss. I just can't take it.

    That ear of corn looks wonderful. My corn is so tiny right now. I'm a long way from harvest.

  7. Villager, my poor tomato and bell pepper plants are producing lots of blooms but they are just drying up in this heat.

    Barbie, hoping your tomatoes are having a better week.

    Ottawa Gardener, I will try to do a post on how I grow okra.

    Emily, my family loves okra.

    Robin, I can't imagine what the weather will be like in August here!!

    Daphne, I love the warmth that is why I don't live in the North BUT... this hot weather so early in the year is HARD!! I have not been successful growing corn since I started gardening again using my raised beds. I am hoping for at least a few good ears this year but, again, the hot weather is taking its toll on the garden.