Monday, July 16, 2012

Harvest Monday 07-16-12

The word for this week was R A I N ! ! ! !  I think we tried to make up for all the weeks without rain last week!!! My garden was happy for the first two days!!

I did make a wonderful BAKED ZUCCHINI AND TOMATO PIE using veggies from my garden. YUM!! Thanks, Kristen at We Are That Family!

We are enjoying all the tomatoes! Harvest was on the low side this week.

Okra 7.8 oz
Tomatoes 75.9 oz
Peppers 0.6
Total this week 84.3 oz

I am linking with Monday Harvest! If you love garden blogs or just want to learn more about gardening, check out out the other blogs!



  1. I so wish I could eat tomatoes when I see that. I love tomatoes and zucchini together. And I just hope we get rain soon. It has been a long hot few weeks.

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  3. That tomato & zuke pie looks DELISH!!!!!!

  4. Wow tomato and zucchini pie, that looks fantastic!!

  5. Don't think I ever thought of combining tomato and squash as a pie. I'll have to this about that.