Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things that Make Me Happy!!

This morning I took a quick stroll in my garden and I found a few things that made me smile and very HAPPY!! I love the simple things!!!

A picture of my garden

Purple Morning Glories (top)

Purple Gladiolus (bottom)

The first beans on the Florida Speckled Butter Beans

First zucchini

Tiny Bell Peppers

The first Louisiana Purple Green Beans 
(they are purple but turn green when you cook them)

The first Okra ready to be harvested

and Blackberries!!




  1. Oh, my...everything is looking great! I can't believe how tall your morning glories have grown. I planted the seeds you sent me, and they're about 2" high now, LOL! I do have Johnny Jump Ups blooming though, thanks (again) to you. I had a lot of them early this spring, but something ate all but two in my "kennel garden". Fortunately, the ones on the other side of the garden weren't as tasty, I guess, as they have all survived.

  2. AG, the morning glories reseeded from last year. I think I thinned out at least 200 plants and then transplanted some around the yard. I love the deep purple. They are slow to grow at first but suddenly they take off and go everywhere!! I am glad your Johnny Jump Ups are growing. I haven't been successful with mine.